Lommel, Belgium
9-11 August 2023

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Easy terrain

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For any age

Perfect for kids from 6 to 14 years old

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Wednesday 9 August
– Morning: Arrival / welcome activities
– Afternoon: Training  (forest)

Thursday 10 August
– Morning: Training (forest)
– Afternoon:  Relax (Outdoor Swimming, Playground at Zilvermeer, Mol)

Friday 11 August
– Morning: Training (forest)
– Afternoon: Fun group training (forest) and goodbye


To reach training camp locations
All trainings will be organised within a 15 min drive from the city centre of Lommel. 

Travel Info

By plane

Easy to reach by low-cost flights.
Closest airport is Eindhoven Airport (Netherlands), but also Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport are relatively nearby.

Public transport (train/bus) allows you to reach Lommel, however, a car is necessary to reach the training areas and therefore strongly recommended for this training camp.  


Extend your stay with more orienteering

Extend your training camp by a few days and take part in the 4 days of Limburg, organised by OMEGA, August 12 – 15.  4 days of Limburg 2023 — Omega (olomega.be).  They will be offering challenging races on very nice maps in the province of Limburg (Belgium and the Netherlands). 

18 – 20 August there is the possibility to participate in ASOM Sprint Races in the old city of Ghent.


Holiday  ideas

Belgium and the Netherlands are great tourist destinations with beautiful cities to visit all within 1-2 hours drive (Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Amsterdam,…).

The surprising nature in both counties is worth a visit! Some inspiration can be found on VISITFLANDERS.


We do not offer a joint accommodation for all teams. However, the area offers plenty of opportunities.

Some suggestions are:

Nearby activities

Swimming at Zilvermeer or Blauwe Meer 

Cycling through the trees  https://toerismelommel.be/en/zienendoen/cycling-through-the-trees/

Visit Bosland, the largest Adventure Forest in Flanders, perfect for hiking and playing! 

Visit the ‘Sahara’ in Lommel  Bosland: Hike Sahara | Visit Limburg

Any question? Ask!

Contact the team leader for hamok at driesvdk@gmail.com