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  • Relief training for Flemish kids

    Relief training for Flemish kids

    By Greet OeyenBelgium, 04.03.2023 For years, we have noticed that youth in Flanders can keep up internationally in the youngest categories (D/H-10, D/H-12), but by the time they are juniors, there is a gap between Flemish athletes and their international peers. In this article, I will explore the possible causes of this and how we,…

  • Interview with team Hamok

    Interview with team Hamok

    As often in the history of “The knijptang”, an unexpected message suddenly appears in our mailbox. Greet and Dries are proposing a new subsidized project that will give our youth the opportunity to go training trips all over Europe. Our youth initiative started last year with a training session at Kapermolen and subsequent swimming –…