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  • Riga Easter training camp

    Riga Easter training camp

    The first camp in the framework of the Project took place in Riga from April 8 to April 10. Italian Nirvana Verde club arrived at Riga bringing along (as we used to joke) their sun and warm weather. The first activity carried out together was photo orienteering in the Old Town. Our intention was to…

  • Training 5m contours

    Training 5m contours

    by Henrijs FreimanisMAGNÄ’TS, Latvia, 15.03.2023 The terrain in the region where our MagnÄ“ts orienteering club is located is quite flat with few distinctive contours. Orienteering maps are drawn with 2.5 m contour intervals. Optimal routes between controls are mostly straight as height differences have little or no impact to route choices. Therefore, during school holidays our…

  • Relief training for Flemish kids

    Relief training for Flemish kids

    By Greet OeyenBelgium, 04.03.2023 For years, we have noticed that youth in Flanders can keep up internationally in the youngest categories (D/H-10, D/H-12), but by the time they are juniors, there is a gap between Flemish athletes and their international peers. In this article, I will explore the possible causes of this and how we,…